Hospitality Flooring

From Florida to Washington, we’ve completed more than 350,000 flooring projects, including hospitality flooring installations for hotels, event centers, stadiums and everything in between.

Building a welcoming setting for guests

Flooring says a lot about a business to customers, employees and stakeholders. Whether it’s in a high-profile entryway, a high-traffic corridor or a personal room, quality flooring that fits seamlessly into a broader design vision can have a powerful effect on visitors. Ultimately, it’s an investment to help create an atmosphere that contributes to a great customer experience and brings visitors back again and again. But the right flooring products serve not only design purposes, they also provide lasting durability, standing up to extremely heavy foot traffic, rolling loads, food consumption and consistent chemical cleaning.

Some popular materials and trends

In recent years, flooring manufacturers have released a broad range of cutting-edge flooring solutions for hospitality settings.

Bold, premium materials are often found in entranceways and hotel lobbies, with more standard but highly durable flooring in other common areas, corridors and hotel rooms. Some traditional high-end finishes in entries have used stone tile, ceramic and wood flooring. Today, new LVT, terrazzo and epoxy options have emerged that stand up to heavy wear and tear while affording new design possibilities at reduced prices. LVT, in particular, has gained great popularity as its less costly than traditional options and is available in new shapes and sizes. With graphic imaging, it can be customized to look like many natural finishes, such as stone, marble or wood grain. One-of-a-kind carpets with intricate patterns can distinguish hospitality common areas, but many require highly skilled carpet installation — our expert installers can help.

For corridors and rooms, carpet tile has garnered widespread adoption. It comes in individual tiles that are easy to replace if spills or stains occur – whereas broadloom would require extensive cleaning or full replacement. The materials used for carpet tile also significantly reduce waste during installation and maintenance costs in comparison with broadloom carpet. New carpet tile options in unique shapes and sizes, such as 18×36 rectangles and custom hexagons or planks, make new, distinctive patterns and design schemes possible.

Another flooring innovation is the advent of textile flooring, a new material that provides the durability of hard flooring with the look and feel of carpet.

These are just a few of the many possibilities. We track the latest trends, working in coordination with leading and specialty manufacturers nationwide to help you select the greatest-value flooring solutions for your design vision.

Trends in commercial flooring

Learn the latest in flooring materials, design and decision-making frameworks so you can select the best floor for your facility.

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Get a greatest-value flooring installation

We have extensive experience installing these unique flooring solutions and many others. In our extensive flooring installation services, we oversee each element of your flooring project from start to finish. Our experienced flooring experts can aid in the selection of flooring materials to meet any budget. We ensure you get the most from your flooring through substrate testing to mitigate risks and life cycle costing to identify durable materials that provide long-term value. Through trusted partnerships with flooring manufacturers nationwide, we can source materials at the best prices.

With our material tracking, warehousing capacity, heavy equipment and crews, we oversee logistics to ensure flooring materials are available to support even the fastest project schedules. Using the latest installation techniques, our highly trained and experienced installation crews complete projects quickly to meet aggressive schedules. We can even work 24-7, round the clock to help you work around active facility settings.

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