Elevate your office renovation to a new level. Replacing your worn-out office carpet can be a daunting task. The thought of interrupting business to disassemble and move office furniture is anything but pleasant. Now you don’t have to with our vertical installation technology (V.I.T.).

What is V.I.T.?

Vertical installation technology (V.I.T.) is a proprietary system that uses jack mechanisms to lift furniture where it stands, without having to disassemble and move it to another location. It’s the most cost-effective way to replace carpet in working office environments.

Three simple steps to one easy solution

  1. Qualified professional lift furniture using a V.I.T. lift
  2. Our flooring installation team removes and replaces your old carpet
  3. Furniture is lowered to its original position with the V.I.T. lift

Benefits of V.I.T.

Vertical installation technology provides a range of benefits, including:

  • Significant cost savings over conventional carpet replacement
  • Elimination of costly disassembly or reassembly of office furniture
  • Work interruption is virtually eliminated, as installation during non-work hours is possible (evenings, weekends, or vacation periods)
  • Phones and computers can remain in place and connected during the process
  • Lifting instead of moving office furniture helps protect existing electric and communication wires
  • I.T. lift systems fit any type of furniture
  • Trained professionals assure safety and security during the process

Save at least 25 percent with V.I.T.

The numbers don’t lie. When you choose to replace your office carpet using our V.I.T. system instead of conventional carpet replacement, you’ll save money.

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