Bids, quotes and pricing

Buy cheap, buy twice.

Big discounts can indicate incomplete estimates or lack of experience — both of which can hurt your bottom line and credibility. Flooring sub-contractors hungry for your business may claim to understand the stakes, but how can you be sure?

A thorough bid is a good indicator. Ours are designed to spare you from the headaches of the unexpected, stopping problems before they start. After 400,000+ projects, Spectra Contract Flooring knows how to produce detailed bids that give you smart, strategic insights guaranteed to meet your goals. And we’ve been doing that for over 20 years.

We’re predictable. That’s a good thing.

What to look for — and what to avoid

If you receive an estimate that feels too good to be true, it probably is. From the incomplete to the poorly considered, here’s our guide for eliminating non-contender contractors in commercial flooring.

How to evaluate low bid red flags

Let’s talk numbers

In an ideal world, commercial flooring installation costs can be calculated with a simple plug-and-play formula like, square footage x material cost x labor = price. Unfortunately, it’s never that simple because no two jobs are alike.

When you submit an RFQ, our team immediately assigns the nearest on-the-ground rep to assist you. Once we’re familiar with your project, we run balancing tests to find the right products for your vision, budget and timeline. This includes eliminating scoped products or services that don’t fit the realities of your project because your bid should reflect the exact uniqueness of your specific project. After that, you’ll receive a thorough bid that includes basics like materials, labor and timelines, along with value-adds such as:

  • Removing and disposing of mismatched adhesives to reduce flooring incompatibilities on renovation jobs
  • Necessary waterproofing measures to prevent moisture infiltration
  • Moisture testing to prevent mold, adhesive failure and performance issues like bubbling or delamination
  • Staging materials for proper, on-time installations

The ultimate commercial flooring guide: Value engineering, better materials and smarter solutions

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No surprises, no scrambling

Insufficient bids that skip critical details can cause chaos mid-project. While our team aims to cover every base, from moisture prevention to staging materials at the right place and time, sometimes the unexpected still strikes.

For example, your scope may not mention the need for moisture membranes, but if your slab is damp and an inexperienced flooring installer applies glue, it’ll never cure correctly. And long after that contractor gets paid, your floor starts bubbling.

Whether the project vision has evolved or your carpet tiles are stuck in the Port of Shenzhen, our team keeps you informed with clear and constant communication. We commit to full transparency because it empowers you to manage your own client’s expectations and keep your project firmly under control.

6 problems you shouldn’t have when it comes to your commercial flooring contractor

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Securing skilled manpower

When you partner with Spectra, vetting labor isn’t your problem — it’s ours. Before submitting your bid for review, we verify that we can source the right team to get the job done correctly and on time. In fact, if you have diverse flooring needs, Spectra knows how to consolidate them through a single, skilled installation team.

Many flooring manufacturers won’t even sell certain materials if your labor isn’t authorized. Whether that means finding certified individuals to install sheet vinyl into hospitals or reliable installers with a history of staying on schedule, we have the resources and knowledge to build a qualified team for your job. And all teams are always supervised by an experienced Spectra quality control manager.

Plus, as a Diverzify company, you can count on airtight financial backing to ensure labor stability. They get paid on time, and your project never goes into default.


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