Retail Flooring

We’ve delivered more than 350,000 flooring installations nationwide, including a broad range of retail flooring projects. From neighborhood shops to the largest department stores, we’ve completed unique retail flooring projects with one-of-a-kind designs.

Creating a great shopping environment

At its core, retail flooring is an investment in a welcoming shopping environment. Whether for a full-scale outlet or a store competing for foot traffic in a busy strip, flooring is a key part of the design. It must draw in shoppers, put them at ease and strategically direct their experience. At the same time, retail flooring must withstand exceedingly high foot traffic and rolling loads, and for larger outlets, support wayfinding.

Each store is unique and every design is different, so a store’s flooring comes custom. Different stores use a wide range of flooring materials, from stone tile to wood flooring, LVT, carpet tile and everything in between, to serve design purposes.

Get a greatest-value flooring installation

With our flooring installation services, we don’t just put down your floor, we manage every detail of your project from beginning to end. Our seasoned flooring experts can help you select the best materials to achieve your design vision within your budget. We’ll help you maximize the life of your flooring by testing your substrate to mitigate installation risks, identifying durable materials that provide you the best long-term value and advising on solutions to meet your project goals.

A buyer’s guide to contract flooring

How to get the greatest value for your floor and select the right contractor for your project.

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We leverage lasting partnerships with flooring manufacturers across the country to source materials at favorable price points on your project schedule. We have the financial flexibility to procure materials up-front and receive reimbursement as we complete the installation.

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Our installation crews are some of the most highly trained in the U.S., delivering the highest quality work. But don’t take our word for it. See our portfolio.

Before your next flooring project, check out our buyer’s guide to flooring contractors. You’ll learn how to reduce flooring costs, what value you should expect from your flooring contractor and ways to tell a good contractor apart from the rest. Download the guide today.

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