Corporate Flooring

From Seattle to Orlando, we’ve completed corporate flooring projects for some of the nation’s largest companies. Whether it’s a new lobby and entryway, the boardroom and executive suites or better offices, break rooms and corridors, we’ve installed it all.

The value that corporate flooring should deliver

Flooring is an investment that says a lot about a company to employees, customers and peers alike. As such, it can help meet a range of initiatives, including:

  • Tying together the interior design of your facility
  • Enhancing a work environment to improve worker productivity and happiness
  • Withstanding the test of time to minimize facility operating expenses
  • Supporting the overarching corporate vision you want your project and facility to achieve

How to save money on commercial flooring: value engineering, better materials and smarter solutions

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To attain these benefits and others, it takes the right flooring design, materials and installation.

Requirements that company flooring must meet

Finding budget solutions and meeting flooring installation schedules are both crucial to any project. But beyond those pressing needs, corporate flooring faces a range of other demands, from heavy traffic in entryways and corridors to food and coffee spills throughout a facility. Corporate flooring should promote cleanliness, support a core design scheme and last through wear and tear.

Great solutions for corporate flooring

Several flooring solutions are emerging to help owners achieve maximum value and meet key demands. Many offices use an eye-catching, premium design in the lobby and entryway with more muted flooring in individual offices and corridors.

For the front, premium LVT, wood finishes, stone tile and terrazzo are strong, popular options. While more expensive than other options, they provide impressive design versatility and the durability to minimize maintenance costs, which can exceed up-front project costs in many facilities. One trend is the emergence of digital graphic applications, which allow flooring manufacturers to put a premium natural look on more cost-effective materials, such as LVT, laminate and resilient flooring.

Trends in commercial flooring

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For many break rooms, open office areas, corridors and individual offices, carpet tile is great solution. Unlike traditional broadloom carpet, carpet tile comes in individual tiles that can be easily removed and replaced in the event of spills or stains, minimizing maintenance costs. Often, the materials used for carpet tile make cleaning and maintenance possible where broadloom carpet would need to be replaced. Today, new carpet tile layouts have even emerged, allowing for the use of patterns in unique shapes and sizes, such as hexagons, rectangles and planks. The versatility created by these unique options has made new design schemes possible on a limited budget.

Some IT-specific areas require static-dissipative carpet, which minimizes static electricity to protect electronic equipment.

Complete installation services

From planning and specification to sourcing materials and installation, we oversee every detail of your flooring installation project — start to finish. We’ve built unique partnerships with manufacturers nationwide, allowing us to source flooring at the best prices. Combining that value-added service with life cycle costing, we help you select the best materials for your budget, both for your project and over the life of a facility. With our exclusive vertical installation technology (V.I.T.), we can rapidly install flooring in active offices, and we can work 24-7 around your operation. With our own warehousing, heavy equipment and logistics management, we track and manage all flooring materials, streamlining the job site.

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