Textile flooring: almost too good to be true

Today, there are more choices than ever when it comes to selecting your flooring materials. Textile flooring offers great value and is set to transform facilities nationwide.

What is textile flooring?

A big focus for some flooring manufacturers, textile flooring is a new flooring option that looks and feels soft like a carpet but performs like a sheet vinyl wood. Some examples of unique textile flooring products include Kinetex by J&J Flooring Group and Flotex Flocked Flooring by Forbo. The material can be made to look like carpet tile or broadloom carpet, with textured patterns or a unique, wall-to-wall design.

Applications for textile flooring

Textile flooring is a versatile material and can be used in a wide variety of environments. It’s a particularly strong solution for hospitals, higher education facilities and gyms where clean design is important, but heavy wear and tear is likely.

The cost of textile flooring

The price of textile flooring falls in line with higher-end carpets, but textile flooring provides higher durability and reduced maintenance costs when compared to true carpets.

Textile flooring installation services

At Spectra Contract Flooring, we partner with trusted flooring manufacturers to source textile flooring, and we can install it anywhere in the U.S. Our highly trained teams use the latest installation technology and our own proprietary project management system to rapidly and cost-effectively install textile flooring and any other flooring.

We add value to your floor

If you’re looking for a flooring solution, our experienced flooring professionals can help you select the best materials for your facility environment, design and budget.

We offer testing of your floor’s substrate to identify any issues before installation, and we provide any necessary surface preparation. We use life cycle costing to help you select flooring that will last in your facility, reduce maintenance costs to provide the best short-term and long-term value. With more than 30 locations throughout the U.S., we’re ready to install textile flooring wherever you need us. As a Berkshire Hathaway company, we can take on any commercial installation project, no matter how big or small.

Learn more about our start-to-finish project management and flooring installation services.

The beginner’s guide to flooring products

At Spectra Contract Flooring, we’ve completed more than 350,000 flooring installations nationwide using every material on the market. We’ve created this introductory guide as a resource for those new to commercial flooring, giving you a rundown of flooring materials. It will cover several factors crucial to the success of your project.