Product care

Maximize your investment with Spectra’s product care services

The commercial floor you select says a lot about your business to customers, employees and associates alike. Keep it looking as good for decades as it looks the day you buy it. Our product care specialists can help your flooring last with a customized program of regular cleaning and maintenance services.

Benefits of product care

Proper maintenance is crucial to floor performance over time. Poorly maintained floors can result in damaged surfaces, faded colors, substandard indoor air quality and even costly repairs. With our customized cleaning and maintenance services, we can help. Our product care professionals analyze traffic and usage to develop a custom program that helps your floor maintain its appearance and integrity.

Establishing an effective flooring master plan

Is your flooring lasting its full lifespan? These industry-proven strategies help facility managers keep flooring systems clean, safe and reliable for years to come.

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We provide product care programs for a range of needs, including:

Better products, better results

Our cleaning products are not only made better to clean better, they’re better for the environment. The polymer technology used in our cleaning products is better than chemicals of the past, delivering longer wear, better scuff resistance, a shiny appearance and an overall healthy shield. Our green cleaning products are contaminant-free and minimize residue from chemicals, particles and moisture.

Feel free to request a consultation to hear tailored advice about your flooring system. Let our experienced flooring professionals help you discover the best solutions for your project. In our flooring consultation, we learn the needs of your facility, schedule and budget. Then, we deliver design-fresh, budget-conscious, objective recommendations that help you achieve the greatest value for your flooring investment.

Flooring solutions for cost, schedule and design

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