Healthcare Flooring

Healthcare flooring must meet many demands — strict sanitation, heavy wear and tear, wayfinding, modular design and medical machines that require perfectly level floors, to name just a few.

At Spectra Contract Flooring, we’ve completed some of the biggest and most specialized healthcare flooring installation projects nationwide — from high-volume hospitals to behavioral health clinics, advanced care facilities and more. Our experienced flooring professionals have the extensive resources and expertise to plan and execute every detail of your healthcare flooring project.

Evidence-based design

Research studies have shown care environments directly affect patient outcomes, giving rise to the discipline of evidence-based design, which uses research-based principles to influence design decisions. Our flooring professionals can help you meet an evidence-based design. No matter how you design your facility, we have the expertise to find just the right flooring solution to bring your design together. Evidence-based design is one of many trends we’re continually monitoring to deliver the most exceptional healthcare flooring.

Discover hospital flooring materials for each unique area

Find our recommended flooring materials for your hospital in this guide. Learn about which flooring materials are best suited for the different areas of a hospital and why.

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Meeting regulatory requirements

We’re experienced and knowledgeable in meeting the strict regulatory requirements of both public and private healthcare facilities. From infection control protocols during installation to sterile environment standards, strict door-gap requirements and everything in between, we’ll ensure your project adheres to all regulations.

Value engineering and material selection

Whether you have predetermined specifications or simply a vision and a budget, we provide the right flooring solutions for your facility. As the nation’s largest commercial flooring contractor, we source materials from trusted manufacturers worldwide and can meet your budget and schedule. In addition, we have the product knowledge and project expertise to provide value engineering.

Through testing and surface preparation, we identify and mitigate risks to your flooring. Combined with our life cycle costing services and the knowledge of our experienced team, we provide you flooring material solutions that deliver the greatest value — both now and long term.

Whether you opt for specialty rubber flooring, premium terrazzo, economical LVT or durable commercial carpeting, we’ll rapidly install all materials and provide you a quality, lasting floor. Our skilled installation teams train regularly and can even train specifically for your project if it requires a specialty installation.

See our best work

To see a sampling of our best healthcare flooring installation projects, browse our project portfolio. To learn more about hospital flooring, download our guide.

A buyer’s guide to hospital flooring

Learn the differences between the best flooring materials available for hospitals.