About us

Serving commercial customers since 1996

Spectra Contract Flooring is the largest commercial flooring contractor in the U.S. And as a Diverzify company, we’ve doubled our reach to 52 locations from coast to coast, giving customers access to a powerful end-to-end logistics network with increased capabilities. And with 400,000+ installations in our portfolio, we strive to deliver consistency, excellence and peace of mind on every single project, no matter how complex.

Complete solutions provider

We offer a full range of flooring options for every need. We’ll find the best solutions to meet your budget, schedule and performance requirements. Our value-added services include:

Experienced professionals

We work closely with our manufacturing partners for training and certification. Our seasoned flooring professionals are experts in a large variety of products and advanced services. We can even train specifically for your project if you require a unique or complex flooring solution.


We are dedicated to quality and getting the job done right, offering warranties on our work. At Spectra Contract Flooring, we protect your business and guarantee your total satisfaction.

Feel free to schedule a consultation today to receive tailored advice for your next flooring project. Let our experienced flooring professionals help you discover the best solutions for your project. In our flooring consultation, we learn the needs of your facility, schedule and budget. Then, we deliver design-fresh, budget-conscious, objective recommendations that help you achieve the greatest value for your flooring investment.

Flooring solutions for cost, schedule and design

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