Education Flooring

At Spectra Contract Flooring, we’ve completed installations for every educational application and education flooring project type. From primary schools to middle schools, high schools and universities, we’re familiar with the nuances and intricacies of flooring in educational facilities.

Schools are unique — flooring is no exception

In addition to classroom learning, schools and campuses serve many functions, including sports activities with fields and gyms, wayfinding in hallways, meals in cafeterias and for some, even theater. Each element requires its own flooring solutions. Flooring is one of the most crucial design elements in a facility, bringing together the interior design.

Following evidence-based design principles, flooring can enhance classroom learning environments by using colors, layouts and finishes that promote positive student behaviors, effective teaching and classroom safety. The right hallway flooring solutions will stand up to heavy foot traffic and make it easy for students and faculty to navigate a facility. Cafeteria flooring must be easy to clean and withstand rolling loads, while entryways must welcome students with the right design scheme and flooring that supports that design.


Smart solutions for school flooring

For entryways, many schools are turning to innovative hard-floor materials, such as terrazzo and LVT flooring that provide premium design feel in a tremendously cost-effective way. These highly durable solutions last for many years and minimize maintenance costs against other options. LVT is now available in custom-shaped planks and can use any natural looking finish with digital graphic application technology.

LVT is also becoming more and more common in hallways and classrooms, as it can stand up to constant foot traffic and provide great design versatility to match various color schemes. For cafeterias, LVT and other resilient flooring can come pre-treated for infection control and be sealed for easy cleaning.

Many school gymnasiums today are moving from traditional maple wood floors to durable, cushioned-backed resilient flooring that’s styled to look and feel like a wood gymnasium floor. This material saves money and can ensure the gymnasium lasts longer. Only certified sheet vinyl installers can install these materials — we have highly trained installers with this certification and have completed many sports surfaces.

Added value, streamlined projects

Our expert flooring professionals help you identify the right flooring materials and installation approaches to minimize costs, maximize the life of your flooring and support a modern school design.

We leverage our close partnerships with flooring manufacturers nationwide to source materials at the best possible prices. Our flooring installation services cover project planning, testing to mitigate flooring risks and life cycle costing to help you select flooring solutions that offer greatest-value over the life of your facility. We can meet the fastest project schedules, a crucial element as flooring installation is often the last part of a big project. Our team can even help you select green, LEED-friendly flooring solutions that deliver the best bang for your buck and help the environment.

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