Government Flooring

From courthouses, libraries and government offices to city halls, symphonies and more, we’ve delivered the complete range of government flooring projects — city, county, state and federal.

A perfect fit for public projects

We’re deeply familiar with public contracting, working closely within installation and material requirements set forth by GSA schedules and state bodies. As the largest commercial flooring contractor in the U.S., we have close partnerships with manufacturers nationwide and can rapidly source approved materials at the best prices. Our expert flooring professionals can advise on:

  • Environment-specific solutions, crucial for the many public projects required to meet LEED standards
  • Highly durable materials that can meet the challenging building tenure requirements of many public projects
  • Flooring solutions for secure buildings, the highest disability accessibility requirements and more
  • Materials that can help meet extreme Floor Flatness (FF) or Floor Levelness (FL) ratings required in some public projects
  • Formally structured value engineering as often required in the design process of public projects

We’ve completed more than 350,000 flooring projects nationwide, including many that meet the most rigid government requirements.

Full-service installation

At Spectra Contract Flooring, we provide comprehensive flooring installation services. Beginning with project planning, we can provide testing, life cycle cost analysis and estimation services to ensure you select the greatest-value flooring materials. We offer unmatched financial flexibility, reducing your up-front project risk by procuring materials on our own and receiving reimbursement upon project completion. With a comprehensive logistics network, we can stage flooring materials in our own facilities and use our own equipment to complete installation — freeing up buildings and job sites for other uses.

Upon project completion, we perform detailed project checklists to ensure the highest quality installation can meet rigorous government quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) standards.

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