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Hotel Carpet: The 5 Traits

Hotel Carpet: The 5 Traits When it comes to the hotel industry, first impressions go a long way with guests—and a good place to start for positive first impressions is with the flooring. For decades, hotels generally relied on carpet for the capacity of its environment due to pricing and… Read more

Commercial WPC Flooring

WPC Flooring Since its unveiling at a major flooring conference a few years ago, WPC has vastly become a rising star in the world of flooring. Short for Wood Plastic Composite, WPC flooring offers commercial facilities a wood resembling, waterproof flooring option that is durable, quiet under foot, waterproof, recyclable,… Read more

Pros and Cons of Rubber Flooring

Pros and Cons of Rubber Flooring From hospitals and schools to gyms and kitchens, rubber flooring provides a unique and versatile approach to commercial flooring. Rubber continues to be an ideal solution for areas that face heavy foot traffic and can also be a cushioning agent that reduces fatigue and… Read more

A buyer’s guide to contract flooring

How to get the greatest value for your floor and select the right contractor for your project.

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School Flooring Options

School Flooring Options In addition to classroom learning, schools and campuses serve many functions, including sporting activities and wayfinding in hallways—each of which requires its own special flooring solution. Here, we will examine some of the best school flooring options and characteristics that will help meet the needs of major… Read more

Cork Flooring Pros and Cons

Cork Flooring Pros and Cons Offering warmth, comfort, quietness, and easy maintenance, cork is a smart, sustainable flooring option that is growing in popularity amongst many commercial facilities in today’s market. But is it the right choice for your facility? Decide for yourself by weighing the good and the bad… Read more

Commercial Cork Floor Tiles

Commercial Cork Floor Tiles From preserving the quality of wine in bottles to being used as an office board that holds important information, cork can be used in a wide range of applications. Yet, one of cork’s most unique applications comes in the form of cork floor tiles which may… Read more

Selecting carpet for your budget, interior design and facility environment

Selecting a carpet that matches your design vision, stands up to your facility environment and aligns with your budget is no small task. We’ve created this guide as a resource to help you make an informed carpet purchasing decision.

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What are some best-value industrial flooring options?

What are some best-value industrial flooring options? When examining flooring options for industrial spaces, choosing a best-value option can be an arduous assignment. There is an array of options, each with their own ideal attributes for industrial markets. Determining which attributes are better suited for your operation will yield a… Read more

Emerging Flooring Technologies

New processes that are changing commercial flooring As time marches on, new technologies, processes and techniques shape the way commercial flooring contractors operate. From lean construction and the prefabrication of materials to the increased demand for LVT and design involvement, things are changing to improve quality, reduce installation time and… Read more

Waterproof Laminate Flooring

Waterproof Laminate Flooring Laminate flooring is a great option for any area within a facility. It provides unique versatility, trusted durability, and easy installation. However, just like the hardwood it mimics, laminates one drawback has always been its inability to stand up to moisture. That is, until now. Here, we… Read more

How to save money on commercial flooring: value engineering, better materials and smarter solutions

Read this brief, no-nonsense guide to arm yourself with 350,000 projects worth of unbiased, money-saving insights.

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Seamless Flooring Solutions

Seamless Flooring Are you in need of flooring that can deliver a unique, yet elegant and stylish look? What about a flooring that can stand up to years of heavy foot traffic, while also meeting compliance requirements for sanitation? If these characteristics are lacking in your facility, our seamless flooring… Read more