Case Study

Commercial Ceramic Tile: The Bowden Event Center, Dallas Tx


Commercial ceramic tile has vastly become one of the most popular flooring options within facilities today. And with benefits consisting of superior durability, low maintenance, and water, fade, and fire resistance, it’s really not hard to see why. By taking a look at one of our favorite ceramic tile projects, the Bowden Event Center, you will see what sets this flooring solution apart from the rest and what makes Spectra Contract Flooring a trusted ceramic tile contractor.

About the Project

As the largest flooring contractor in the United States, we’ve completed more than 350,000 flooring installations nationwide. With this, we’ve learned that each project is different from the last and that each project is unique in its own special way.

When it comes to The Bowden Event Center, one woman’s generosity and love for her community stood above all else. As former president and member of the Keller Women’s club, a social club designed for community support, Linda Bowden had a dream of someday introducing the city of Keller, Texas to a facility designed to host local charity, school, and other group type functions, as well as a venue for close-to-home weddings. With a generous donation that she and her husband made to the Keller Women’s Club Foundation, the scarcity of finding a place to hold special events in the city of Keller would soon be a thing of the past. According to Star-Telegram, “The Bowdens purchased 11 acres at 1747 Keller Parkway where they built a 37,000-square-foot facility gifted to the foundation. The total cost of the project, including land and buildings, was around $20 million.”

Tragically, Mrs. Bowden passed away just a couple of months before the project was set to be complete. We, like everyone else, were deeply saddened that she would not get to see the finished product. However, we can take solace in knowing that her dream was to better the community, and bettering the community is exactly what she delivered through The Bowden Event Center.

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The Demands of the Project: Matching Design With Performance

As construction for the event center got underway, Spectra Contract Flooring was brought on board to provide over 30,000-square-feet of corporate flooring. The main showcase, providing eye-catching, premium-quality commercial ceramic tile that could meet the demands and design vision of the owners and architect.

The demands included: sourcing flooring material that would guarantee long-term value, an intricate design pattern consisting of rose medallions in honor of the owners’ late daughter whose name was Rose, and a completion date that required an accelerated work schedule.

Our Commercial Ceramic Tile Solutions and Results

To ensure that the beautiful installation will endure the test of time, we incorporated single component grout by Custom Building Products to guarantee long-term value and life cycle costing. Unlike traditional cement grout, this single component grout combines the performance benefits of both cement grout and epoxy grout. Extremely durable, moisture resistant, and almost completely stain proof, single component grout will help keep the Bowden Event Center flooring attractive and protected for years to come.

For the intricate design pattern of the flooring, we worked closely with ENSO Fabrication who specializes in waterjet cutting, supporting both architectural and industrial industries. They provided the medallion which turned out beautifully.

Our dedicated team completed the three and a half month project with virtually no punch items stemming from craftsmanship issues. Even after we had promised the best of the best, the quality of installation still exceeded owner and architect expectations.

Commercial Ceramic Tile Installation Cost DiscussionCommercial Ceramic Tile

Just like many other flooring installations, the cost to install ceramic tile depends on how well the project is planned and executed. For this particular project, we went above and beyond the role of a typical flooring contractor — continuously providing options on flooring system solutions and identifying and implementing solutions that kept the project on track at reduced costs.

Because ceramic tile, particularly porcelain, are premium materials, cost can be somewhat of a concern. However, with its unique durability, long-term maintenance costs can be heavily reduced.

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