Flooring Installation Services

Total project management from start to finish

From project inception to final punch lists, we manage every detail of your flooring installation to ensure a smooth project and a quality floor. Project planning, material procurement, logistics and installation — our experienced team oversees it all. We provide a dedicated project manager and experienced, highly trained teams on every big project.
epoxy industrial floors
At all of our locations, we have a dedicated staff with decades of experience and knowledge of the latest flooring trends. Our experienced team can help you achieve your design vision and realize the greatest value for your floor.

How to save money on commercial flooring: value engineering, better materials and smarter solutions

Read this brief, no-nonsense guide to arm yourself with 350,000 projects worth of unbiased, money-saving insights.

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Project Planning

Get the best floor for your budget, design and facility

With a full staff of experienced flooring specialists, we can help you select the greatest-value flooring for your budget, design, facility environment and project timeline.

Specification and design

Flooring for your design vision

Whether you require expert assistance specifying the best flooring materials or already have complete specifications, we can meet any design vision. We’ll show you samples of different materials and ensure you start your project with the right solution. We keep a close eye on the latest flooring trends and can guide you in selecting materials that look great and offer the best of what’s available today.

Trends in commercial flooring

Learn the latest in flooring materials, design and decision-making frameworks so you can select the best floor for your facility.

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Life cycle costing

Get the best bang for your buck

For many facilities, long-term flooring maintenance costs outweigh the initial costs of flooring installation and materials. That’s why we provide a life cycle costing report — an objective, unbiased analysis of the long-term value you’ll receive from various flooring options. You get reliable numbers that allow you to make value-based decisions about what’s best for your floor and your project.

LEED certification

The best flooring solutions for any green initiative

We have extensive experience delivering the biggest LEED-certified flooring installations and can identify energy-efficient flooring materials that support your sustainability efforts. Learn more about our sustainable flooring services.

FI Moisture Rem

Testing, moisture mitigation and surface preparation

We save you headaches by doing it right the first time

We identify and address risks before your project begins, taking single-source responsibility for both preparation and installation. Our team ensures you get the right floor for your facility — one that lasts for years to come. Learn more about our moisture remediation and testing services.


The right floor, in the right amount at the right price

We evaluate your project plans and identify the quantity of flooring you’ll need, providing you a clear picture of cost. With our value-added estimations, you can make value-based decisions about the best flooring materials for your project and facility.

A buyer’s guide to contract flooring

How to get the greatest value for your floor and select the right contractor for your project.

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Procurement and risk reduction

The best prices on the best flooring

As the largest commercial flooring contractor in the U.S., we’ve established partnerships with manufacturers nationwide and can quickly procure flooring at the best prices. We provide a dedicated manager to oversee procurement on your project and source materials in time to meet your schedule. Throughout your project, we keep every stakeholder up to date and eliminate any uncertainty.

As a Berkshire Hathaway company, we have the financial stability to reduce your financial risk by procuring materials up-front and receiving payment as we complete installation — whether you’re building a $10 million stadium or renovating a commercial office.

FI Logistics


Get the biggest jobs done with streamlined efficiency

Our end-to-end logistics network allows us to meet even the tightest project schedules. With extensive machinery, warehouse space and trained personnel, we can rapidly move materials anywhere in the U.S. and deliver any installation — no matter how big. A dedicated manager coordinates deliveries to ensure materials and personnel arrive at your job site when needed. We have:

  • More than 30 warehouse facilities nationwide
  • Dedicated personnel who track every shipment
  • Our own drivers, tractor trailers, big rigs and trucks
  • Job-site forklifts and certified personnel to efficiently maneuver materials
  • All the support staff and equipment to efficiently install your flooring

Installation and job-site coordination

Rapid project completion to the highest quality

Our specialty field supervisors and project managers keep your job site highly organized and clean, so you enjoy the fastest installation.

Before installation, we have a dedicated superintendent survey your job site and determine how materials will be staged. Then, our highly trained crews follow a clear plan to rapidly install your flooring. Depending on the complexity of your materials and installation, our crews can train specifically for your project.

We stand behind our work and adhere to the highest quality assurance standards. Our teams follow LEAN Kaizen principles, meet ISO 9001 standards and stay on the job site until we’ve crossed out every punch list — ours and those of the general contractor, architect and owner.


Vertical installation technology (V.I.T.)

We deliver maximum efficiency through innovation

At Spectra Contract Flooring, we’re constantly searching for ways to innovate during the flooring installation process. One powerful way we reduce costs and streamline project schedules is our vertical installation technology (V.I.T.). For projects in active facilities, we can use V.I.T. to quickly and safely hoist furniture off the ground, allowing our professional crews to rapidly install flooring. Upon completion of a project, our team uses V.I.T. to safely and carefully place furniture back in its place. You get a finished installation in a rapid timeframe with minimal disruption to active operations — perfect for offices and other high-use spaces. Learn more about our exclusive V.I.T. services.

Product care and maintenance

We help you protect your flooring investment

To attain the greatest value from your flooring, you’ll need a dedicated maintenance plan. For some flooring materials, quarterly or bi-annual cleaning is enough to ensure your flooring lasts and looks great for years to come. Other materials require a more comprehensive, dedicated plan. We help you determine what’s best for the long-term value of your flooring. Depending on your location, flooring and facility, we can coordinate your flooring maintenance and product care. Learn more here.

Flooring solutions for cost, schedule and design

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