Commercial flooring for general contractors and architectural firms

General contractors and architectural firms need a flooring partner they can trust from bid to delivery. In the search for such a partner, particular attention should be paid to a company’s level of experience. Experience adds value by reducing risk and providing stability (from both a financial and accountability standpoint) to your project. A specialty flooring contractor that understands the industry can help to find savings in unexpected places and predict potential hazards before they cause delays. With more than 350,000 projects under our belt, Spectra Contract Flooring has such experience.

From start to finish, we’ll walk you through what a quality flooring project with a quality flooring contractor should look like.

Project Planning and Delivery

Proper project planning is crucial to getting the most out of your project while reducing risk and cost. Often, a flooring project begins with an architect’s design visions, sometimes calling for a particular type of flooring or adhesive. Then, the GC or architect will hire a flooring contractor. An experienced commercial flooring contractor should be able to both understand those aesthetic aims and predict how they will be affected by the intended use of the space and the flooring materials chosen to stand up to that use.

Beyond saving money in the short term, your flooring contractor should have the expertise to take life cycle into account. In some cases, long-term maintenance expenses can actually outweigh upfront savings. Life cycle costing from Spectra Contract Flooring allows us to take life cycle maintenance and replacement costs into account from the start, generating savings over the long term.

Beyond saving money, a flooring contractor should also effectively plan for each project in a way that reduces risk and enhances efficiency. The best contractors have procedures in place for testing and quality assurance, and are dedicated to achieving 100 percent project accuracy. In every project, we clearly and fully define scope, including bidding, labor and time costs.

Material Procurement

One key advantage to partnering with an experienced commercial flooring contractor is leveraging a relationship with flooring manufacturers.  Top flooring contractors have the knowledge and experience to advise on the best materials for your needs, and the relationships with manufacturers to secure the best prices.

It’s also helpful that flooring contractors know how long it takes to acquire different types of flooring and how to plan around long lead times. And when you’re on a tight deadline, contractors should be able to find alternative solutions with less lead time.


With more than 30 warehouse facilities nationwide and dedicated personnel tracking every shipment, Spectra has the logistics know-how to meet the tightest project schedules. This end-to-end network means we can rapidly transport materials anywhere in the U.S. No matter the size of the project, you’ll know that your materials and personnel will arrive where you need them, when you need them.


An established commercial flooring contractor should have experience in a broad range of projects, meaning you’ll benefit from efficient teams trained to rapidly and cost-effectively install flooring of all types.

Depending on the kind of flooring solution you select, your crew may require unique training and familiarity to install it correctly. This is critical for some projects, because mistakes can cause defects or void the manufacturer’s warranty. Alternatively, you may need a contractor versatile enough to complete the flooring project without halting your operations. An experienced contractor will be able to handle the most complex of projects with efficiency and professionalism.

GCs and architectural firms need expertise and efficiency. Commercial flooring contractors deliver all of that and more, tapping into their vast knowledge of the flooring industry to complete every project quickly and at the right price. To learn more about what to expect when you hire a commercial flooring contractor, download our Buyer’s Guide to Flooring Contractors.


A buyer’s guide to commercial flooring

How to get the greatest-value floor and select the right contractor for your project.