Case Study

Installing a one-of-a-kind mosaic carpet for a Phoenix landmark

The Phoenix Symphony is Arizona’s largest performing arts organization, putting on some of the Southwest’s finest concerts and events. They proudly call the renowned Phoenix Symphony Hall their home. Built in 1972 as part of the Phoenix Civic Plaza, the Symphony Hall is a major government landmark in the city. When the people of Phoenix wanted to make it even better and give it a one-of-a-kind atmosphere, they came to Spectra Contract Flooring for a project centering around unique carpet.

Unique Carpet: The demands of the project

The Symphony wanted to transform their old carpeting into a mosaic as part of their drive to create an impressive facility atmosphere. The catch? The project covered a large, 40,000-square-foot area and the carpet was unlike any other in the world. Even more important, the project had to be completed in a 30-day window before the concert hall reopened for the season — or the Symphony would lose performances and attendance. Failure to get the job done on time was simply not an option.

Our flooring solutions and results

Unlike most carpeting projects, in which many rolls of carpet all share the same color or pattern, this unique carpet used a free-flowing mosaic design for the whole area — every single section of carpet was different. That meant our crews had to carefully coordinate every single piece of carpet with intentional planning and unique installation practices. To ensure proper installation and rapid project delivery, we did what any good team does — practice. Our crews laid out the carpet to perfectly match up each piece in our warehouse, training for rapid, on-site installation. The results paid off. Once it came time to tackle the installation, we worked nights, weekends and even on the July 4th holiday to get the job done. We led the project from start to finish, coordinating directly with the Symphony and later with a general contractor that delivered other aspects of the project.

The end result was a flawless carpet installation, completed two days ahead of the aggressive schedule. The Symphony opened its doors for the season with a vastly improved interior design.

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