2019 commercial flooring trends

Commercial Flooring Trends

At some point or another, every business owner faces the decision of which flooring to use in their office. While this may seem like a simple decision that requires little time and thought, there are actually many more flooring options and design elements than the few that you’ve considered. Not only are there numerous options to choose from, you need to consider factors such as:

  • traffic levels
  • repair flexibility
  • maintenance
  • sound absorption
  • design flexibility
  • lifespan
  • recycling/reusing
  • budget/cost
  • durability

In addition to these things, your flooring, like all other office design elements, should reflect your brand and its personality. And, while your reception area or boardroom should demonstrate your brand to its full ability, your primary considerations in a lounge area, breakroom, or copy room should be durability and ease of maintenance.

If you’re one of the people who are responsible for selecting office flooring this year, here are a few 2019 corporate flooring trends that you’ll want to be aware of and consider. They might even help you make your decision.

Rectangular tiles are being introduced to the commercial flooring industry and replacing the traditional square tiles that we’ve grown accustomed to. The plank-shaped tiles are adding a uniqueness to the common flooring selection that we see in so many corporate buildings. Some designers are even turning to hexagonal tiles with carpet and resilient flooring for even more variability. The urge to stand out and make a statement seems to be a recurring theme in many of these new trends. Traditional patterns are being reinvented to add a unique, personal touch to each office space.

Statement colors, textures, and accents are also making their appearance in the commercial flooring industry. Lively, trendy colors such as hot pink, electric blue, teal, and other bright, powerful colors make a statement in any room, capture attention, and leave a memorable impression. Many designers also balance unique and traditional elements in their design choices. For example, well-known and common patterns such as plaid, stripes, and gingham are still evident, however bold and bright colors add a fun, unique twist to the well-known patterns. Bright accent rugs with fun patterns are also very commonly used now. Abstract patterns inspired by nature are also making an emergence.

With today’s advanced technology and digital graphics, porcelain tiles can be digitally printed to mimic marble, stone, or wood to give your office space the natural, modern, and clean appearance of these materials while possessing the durability and low-maintenance qualities of porcelain. This is a convenient and common cost-saving strategy to still incorporate that professional, upscale aspect.

Hardwood is continuing to maintain its popularity. Commonly used in residential properties, hardwood floors add warmth and comfort to office spaces as well. Wide-plank wood flooring is currently in high-demand, as well as distressed wood; which adds a story and personality to the room. Reclaimed wood is popular because of its sustainability and attractiveness. Luxury vinyl tile, porcelain, and other vinyl sheet options are commonly used as a more durable, lower-maintenance, cheaper substitute for real wood as well.

Commercial carpeting continues to dominate the commercial flooring industry because of its design flexibility, comfortable, soft surface, and noise absorption qualities. The commercial market is responsible for 55% to 60% of carpeting contract sales. Carpet tiles are extremely popular in offices because of the ability to replace just one tile in case of a spill or stain and the option to add occasional colored or patterned tiles as well to implement a few pops of color and unique design. Design options are endless when it comes to carpet flooring. This is your opportunity to be as creative as possible and tie together your entire office space while demonstrating your brand personality.

Resilient flooring such as vinyl, linoleum, and rubber are popular choices for both designers and business owners because of its sustainable properties and ease of maintenance. These flooring options offer a wide range of design possibilities while also containing some important qualities necessary for a modern office design. For example, rubber is very sound absorbent, durable, comfortable, and great in high- traffic areas. Where vinyl is long-lasting, low-maintenance, offers plenty of color and design options, and is also durable in high-traffic office spaces or rooms.

Although terrazzo is one of the more expensive options, it offers a great long-term return on investment benefit. It’s smooth, professional, modern, and upscale appearance makes it a great flooring solution for reception areas and large entrance lobbies. Although it is not yet very popular in commercial spaces, it could make its appearance in the next year. And the rarity of this option adds a unique, stand-out touch to your space.

Polished concrete also offers a unique, smooth look to your space. Concrete flooring is becoming more and more customizable with its increasing options such as polished concrete dyes, scribed patterns, and unique, specialty effect options. It’s also extremely durable, very easy to clean, and environmentally sustainable.

A few of the current, most popular flooring choices are:

Some flooring options that are beginning to make their appearance or are quickly growing in the commercial flooring industry are:

Keep an eye out for these commercial flooring trends and be aware of what’s popular, unique, and how each is portrayed. Remember to express your brand and personality in each design element in your office space, including your flooring. Be creative when designing your office flooring and try to make it stand out. Don’t forget to consider the qualities of each flooring option and which will work best in your office space. Your office flooring deserves just as much consideration as your office cubicle solutions and the wall colors.

Trends in commercial flooring

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