Industrial Strength Commercial Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles, also known as carpet squares are a modern, stylish, and unique approach to standard wall to wall carpeting. Whether starting from scratch or simply needing a makeover, commercial carpet tiles can offer countless benefits to potentially any space. By taking a look at why, where, and when to use them, you can see why industrial strength commercial carpet tiles may just be the answer to your facility’s flooring needs.

Why use Industrial Strength Commercial Carpet Tiles?

Unlike conventional wall to wall broadloom carpeting, Industrial strength commercial carpet tiles are built to withstand and endure wear and heavy foot traffic, while providing a long-lasting flooring solution to any commercial environment. Within a commercial setting, there are many substances that can have devastating consequences to the life of your flooring such as oil, paint, or wet adhesives.

Unfortunately, accidents do occur, yet this is where an industrial approach to carpet tiles have an advantage. Have a meeting tomorrow morning, but find out that your conference room flooring has been damaged? No problem, simply remove the affected tiles and replace them with brand new ones. Even if accidents aren’t necessarily an issue, you can still find the tiles beneficial through their unique design and durability. Industrial strength carpet tiles are manufactured with low pile fibers, which will not be affected by high foot traffic or office rolling chairs.

Industrial Strength Commercial Carpet Tiles

Where to use Industrial Strength Commercial Carpet Tiles?

When it comes to location, industrial strength carpet tiles can be used in a variety of locations throughout any commercial setting. From hospitals and airports to large conference rooms and lobbies, the tiles can be used to add warmth and comfort to virtually any space. They can be directly placed over subfloors and are generally more resilient to water and moisture. Therefore, if you want to place your tiles over a concrete subfloor, go for it. This is possible due to the unique quality of the backing material, which allows the moisture to breathe up and throughout the carpet fibers.

Backing options include vinyl, fiberglass, and an assortment of recyclable materials if your facility desires an environmentally friendly approach. Speaking of an environmentally friendly approach, there have been innovations to eliminate volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are primarily used in adhesives to hold carpet tiles in place. Companies such as Interface and Shaw have broke ground on techniques to achieve this goal through TacTiles and LokDots. Both innovative installation systems eliminate the need for any type of glue or wet adhesives.

When to use Industrial Strength Commercial Carpet Tiles?

Easy installation, simple maintenance, and unique versatility are primary reasons for determining when to use industrial strength carpet tiles in a commercial setting. Installation is generally much easier and faster to complete than other flooring options, and most facilities have maintenance crews that can replace worn tiles, which will eliminate expenses from outside contractors. Care and maintenance are also a rather painless chore. Vacuuming and routine cleaning will keep your tiles looking new for years to come. They also have a unique and versatile approach when it comes to complex layouts. Traditionally, complex layouts would require even more of a contractors time and consequently cost more. However, industrial strength carpet tiles can be trimmed to fit any area, making complicated spaces not so troubling.

Our experienced team of flooring contractors will ensure that you get the best flooring for your budget while helping you save money by making smarter, long-term decisions.

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