Polished concrete

Transform new and old concrete into brighter, stronger, durable and more beautiful surfaces with our concrete polishing system. We turn typical concrete floors into a smooth, reflective and cleanable surface. The multi-step process, including sealing and hardening of an existing concrete surface, creates a durable floor that requires minimum maintenance.

Applications for polished concrete

Polished concrete is a cost-effective flooring system suitable for any commercial facility, including:

Concrete polishing process

Concrete polishing follows an efficient, six-step process that minimizes cost and ensures the highest quality:

  1. Floor preparation — removal of existing floor materials including tile, epoxy, paint, mastic, sealers
  2. Grinding process — removal of any residual flooring materials and expose bare concrete through the use of diamond tooling
  3. Densification — the application of a silicate type material to strengthen, solidify and harden the newly ground, exposed concrete surface
  4. Polishing — refinement of the now densified concrete surface through the use of progressively smaller diamond tooling, resulting in a glossy, hardened, resilient and easy-to-maintain flooring surface
  5. Color — the introduction of dye, or stain, that penetrates the floor applied during the polishing process
  6. Burnish — final process to achieve maximum gloss and refinement

Benefits of polished concrete

Polished concrete eliminates the costs and problems associated with water vapor transmission. There are no topical coatings or wax to chip, peel or need for repeated application. This service is environmentally friendly and contributes to LEED qualification while significantly reducing maintenance costs by eliminating wax and strip cycles. Polished concrete offers a range of other benefits, including:

  • Beautiful finishes
  • Long-lasting flooring with strong durability
  • A coating-free solution
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Safe flooring
  • Elimination of moisture mitigation

Concrete polishing services we offer

At Spectra Contract Flooring, we provide the full range of concrete polishing services, including:

  • Joint filling
  • Staining and dying
  • Patching
  • Overlays
  • Rebuilding floor joints
  • Maintenance
  • Sealing
  • Floor prep
  • Decorative concrete
  • Logos
  • Repairs

We’ve delivered more than 350,000 flooring installation projects for some of the nation’s largest companies. Our seasoned installation teams are deeply experienced in concrete polishing and can efficiently complete your project on the fastest project schedules.

Complete project management

We don’t just install your floor; we manage the entire flooring process to make it easy for you. From project planning to estimation, testing, specification, sourcing materials, logistics, installation and quality control, we manage every detail of your flooring installation project. Learn more about our start-to-finish flooring installation services.

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