Luxury Vinyl Tile Pros and Cons

Luxury vinyl tile is a type of resilient flooring that many organizations nationwide are adopting. Also known as LVT, luxury vinyl tile is a flooring solution that is constructed to resemble hardwood and stone flooring, while also delivering alternative, yet versatile capabilities. Here, we will examine luxury vinyl tile pros and cons pertaining to installation cost, durability, and maintenance. 

Luxury Vinyl Tile Pros and Cons Pertaining to Installation Cost

LVT is generally cheaper than solid hardwood flooring and comparable when it comes to stone. The cost of installation, however, depends on a variety of factors, including location and the complexity of the project. Your contractor will give you the best estimate pertaining to your project cost. Estimates can include:

  • Cost of material — thickness of the boards and adhesives chosen
  • Cost of transporting and storing materials and equipment to the site
  • Cost of installation labor
  • Cost of repair or removal — repairing a subfloor or removing old flooring
  • Cost of cleanup and the removal of waste from the site upon completion

To achieve the greatest value for your flooring investment, you’ll want a product that will last and deliver value long term. Saving money is just a plus. You can save money by leveraging your flooring contractor’s expertise to specify greatest-value commercial LVT flooring materials and source them at reduced rates.

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Luxury Vinyl Tile Pros and Cons Pertaining to Durability

When it comes to durability, luxury vinyl tile comes equipped with all of the characteristics needed to fight the daily stresses faced by commercial floors. And believe us, we have seen first hand the type of abuse commercial flooring faces each and every day. Therefore, choosing a flooring solution that protects you from these daily stresses is not only smart and cost-effective, but it also promotes comfort in knowing that your flooring is protected from whatever life throws at it.

Picture this, a child walks into your facility with muddy feet. Can the flooring you have now protect from staining and simply allow mud to be wiped away with a damp mop or paper towel?

What about moisture issues? Can the flooring you have now protect you from moisture causing warping and swelling as seen in traditional solid hardwood?

How about scratching? Can your current flooring protect against scuffs and scratches caused by high heels or other types of footwear?

If one or most of the answers to these types of questions are no, you should consider the durably resistant benefits of choosing luxury vinyl tile for your next flooring project.

Luxury vinyl tile is resistant to:

  • Staining
  • Water, moisture, mold, and mildew
  • Scuffing and scratching
  • Slips and falls

luxury vinyl tile pros and cons

Luxury Vinyl Tile Pros and Cons Pertaining to Maintenance

While maintaining LVT flooring is a rather painless chore, adding a daily cleaning routine and implementing precautionary steps to avoid damage will keep your floor looking healthy and inviting for years to come. When it comes to care and upkeep, here a few details to consider:

  • Keep tiles free of dirt and dust.
  • Use a broom, vacuum, or damp mop to remove debris.
  • Even though LVT is water resistant, we still recommend that spills be dealt with sooner rather than later.
  • Excessive or long-standing liquid can cause irreversible damage to your subfloor.
  • Avoid wax-based cleaners or harsh chemicals that might harm the floor’s finish.
  • Using entrance mats and area rugs will help eliminate dirt while keeping your flooring safe for years to come.

We recommend working with your contractor to set up a proper flooring maintenance plan. Learn more about how to care for your flooring by visiting our product care pageUnderstanding luxury vinyl tile pros and cons pertaining to installation cost, durability, and maintenance, will help aid in the fight to protect not only your floors but your investment.

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