Case Study

Daytona Beach Flooring Project: Brown & Brown Insurance Co.

Brown & Brown, Inc. is the “fifth-largest independent insurance brokerage in the nation” and is continuing to grow. Because of this, the corporation decided that it was time to expand its headquarterwith the vision of opening a 200,000-square-foot facility by the end of 2020. To turn this vision into a reality, the company purchased a 10-acre lot on North Beach Street in early 2019 and construction soon followed.  

Daytona Flooring

Matching Design With Performance

As the primary flooring provider for the 1.9-million-dollar projectour team was brought on board in February of 2020 to provide all facility flooring – approximately 185,000-square-feet of product in total. Products consisted of porcelain tiles, large porcelain panels, carpet tile, luxury vinyl tileand pre-cast terrazzo for the stairs. 

Project Demands Met With Our Flooring Solutions

As the largest flooring contractor in the United States, we have completed more than 400,000 flooring installations nationwide. With this, we have learned that each project is different from the last and that each project is unique in its own distinct way. When it comes to the headquarters of Brown & Brown Insurance Company in Daytona, our team was presented with certain challenges in which we are accustomed to facing — high slab moisture, excessive floor prep, and extremely tight scheduling. 

To compensate for these challenges, our team worked around the clock with the client’s budget for moisture mitigation, self-leveling, and high moisture adhesives to deliver a high-quality project on time and within budget. 

The Result?

The stunning 11-story project concluded in the summer of 2021 and accommodates around 700 Brown & Brown “teammates. What once was an empty lot full of weeds “now stands a gleaming 166-foot-tall steel-and-glass tower that has already become a local landmark as the tallest building in downtown Daytona Beach and Spectra is incredibly proud to be a part of it! 

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