Why you should hire a specialty commercial flooring contractor

A specialty flooring contractor adds value in a variety of ways — from knowledgeable, experienced teams and tested processes to the latest technology, industry partnerships and more. There’s no reason to settle for anything less than professional delivery that provides you the greatest flooring value.

Adding value through material expertise and partnerships

Specialty flooring contractors add value through expert knowledge and an ability to suggest the right flooring solutions for your environment. That includes identifying the best solutions for price. And it also means understanding the potential dangers of any given floor, such as moisture issues, damaging adhesives and more. Quality teams can identify any existing substrates you may have, address any problems that limit your floor’s potential lifespan and select flooring solutions that will both last and look good.

Expertise carries over to sourcing sustainable flooring solutions. For example, your contractor can help you know when it’s possible to use environmentally friendly, low-VOC, pre-applied adhesives. These are tape systems that replace the traditional buckets of glue used to adhere certain types of flooring.

Top flooring contractors have not only knowledge of materials, but also partnerships with manufacturers that allow you to get great price points.

And material expertise and manufacturer partnerships also allow flooring specialists to meet rapid project timelines. Different materials, such as hand-made carpets, require different lead times — the time it takes to acquire flooring from manufacturers. Sound contractors have expertise in the logistics of material sourcing and will procure all materials ahead of time so your project isn’t slowed. Even better, if you’re on a rushed schedule, contractors can find alternative solutions that require less lead time.

Risk reduction adds value

Specialty commercial flooring contractors have programs in place to reduce risk. You’ll have an entire team dedicated to achieving 100 percent project accuracy — from estimation through final quality inspections. Some key tools include specialty flooring project management software designed to ensure quality throughout every step. At Spectra, we use our own proprietary system called WinBid.

The best contractors have set procedures in place for testing and quality assurance. As an example, we follow the principles of Franklin Covey’s Four Disciplines of Execution (4DX). As part of this company-wide initiative, we use lead measures that influence team behavior to contribute to big goals. In every project, we fully define scope, including bid, labor cost and time. We scout job sites to research conditions one week before a project begins. And we proactively run through quality control lists following a project to take care of any action items.

You’ll find that top contractors have similar systems in place. Before your project, you should receive risk assessments that cover special job-site conditions and identify anything that can affect your floor’s lasting quality.

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Specialty flooring experience ensures quality and savings

Commercial flooring contractors have experience in a broad range of projects. That means you’ll benefit from efficient teams that actively train to rapidly and cost-effectively install flooring.

With certain contractors, you’ll even have the added reliability of teams that train specifically for your floor. Depending on the kind of flooring solution you select, your crew may require unique training and familiarity to install it correctly. For some projects, this is absolutely essential, as you’ll find some floors call for uncommon techniques. And any deviation from specific manufacturer guidelines can cause defects later — in addition to voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. Intricate projects, such as flooring for the City of Phoenix Symphony Hall, particularly require an expert team.

Another benefit that a trained team provides is a safe job site devoid of unnecessary dangers. No accidents mean peace of mind for you.

At Spectra Contract Flooring, we have a highly experienced staff, with many flooring professionals who have worked in the industry for more than 10 years.

Learn how to get the best value from your floor

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