Thank you Terry Newman!

On Friday, March 29th, Spectra Arizona celebrated Terry Newman’s retirement from the flooring trade.  When we opened our Spectra Phoenix office in May of 1997, Terry was our first hire and charged with building our pool of installation contractors, and managing all the installation details for our customers projects.  For the past 22 years we have enjoyed a successful Spectra location, and I will always be grateful for Terry’s attributes.

Years ago, there were manufacturers and local distributors that were suppliers to us, but no longer exists today.  As for competitors, I can make the same comment about flooring contractors that have come and gone. Fast forward to today and the Spectra brand in Arizona is approaching our 22nd year anniversary.  I can thank a ton of people that have contributed to this longevity, but for now, the focus is on our gratefulness to Terry and for his effort toward Spectra’s success and reputation.

Some of Terry’s attributes include the following:

  1. Honesty – Terry told the truth and not just what you wanted to hear.
  2. Work Ethic – Beyond what Terry did during the weekdays, he often took phone calls at night, visited job sites on the weekends, and opened the warehouse after business hours, all in an effort to ensure we met the customers’ expectations.
  3. Creative Problem Solving – Best means to describe this is that for every job, Terry was charged with making the outcome equal to 100%.  However, many times he would have to start the job with something that was less than 100%, followed by arriving to a job site that was also less than 100%.  In the end, Terry would find a way to finish the project at 100%.
  4. Reliable – We could always count on his 5:30 am starts and he had an impeccable attendance record.  
  5. Calmness – Many times over Terry faced projects that were a perfect storm, yet he weathered the storms and did so without displaying anxiety.  
  6. Conservative – Terry was not afraid to say no for the best of all, and to avoid our organization taking on unnecessary risk.
  7. Most importantly, I admire Terry’s manner as a wonderful husband to his wife and role model to his children.  

These attributes and many others are why I say THANK YOU Terry for all that you have done for Spectra and me.  I wish you (and Ripper) a relaxing and enjoyable retirement.

Vince Lester


Spectra Arizona