Spectra Contract Flooring Phoenix Celebrating 20 Years of Business

It’s crazy to think about how much has changed over the past 20 years. For instance, In 1997, the average gas price peaked at just over a dollar, a film about a sunken ship named the Titanic hit the box office, and a group of women named the Spice Girls dominated the music charts. But as for us, 1997 is the year where our journey as Spectra Phoenix began, and most importantly, continues today.

In the Spectra family of locations, Phoenix is one of the few that was originally a “start-up” office and not an acquired business. As the years marched on and business began to grow, a satellite office in Tucson opened which allowed us to increase our statewide coverage. Today, most of the revenue for Spectra Phoenix and Tucson comes from a steady stream of business in market segments including healthcare, corporate office/TI, higher education, and hospitality. In Arizona, we contract with a CR-8 flooring license (ROC 122975), CR-48 ceramic license (ROC 205464), and hold an Arizona Gaming license to service work for the Native American community casino projects.

Spectra Contract Flooring PhoenixOur 20 year anniversary also marks an important milestone for the company as we look back on our incredible heritage of talent and accomplishments. We take great pride in managing each and every detail of our customer’s flooring projects—from material selection and specification to project planning, budgeting, procurement, installation, and logistics.

The quality of our associates, along with their exceedingly skilled work continues to aid our clients in reaching the finish line of their construction projects. As a team, it is important to continually strive to learn and improve every day.  A commitment to learning takes embracing the need to be a student of your trade because maintaining a learning atmosphere allows us to share the education with all project stakeholders.

“I am proud of my teammates, many of which have a tenure exceeding ten years with our organization,” said Vince Lester, President of Spectra Phoenix.  “I vividly remember our initial start-up days, when we began from scratch and started recruiting.  Just like Major League Baseball expands by granting a city with a new franchise and a new team is assembled, in 1997, we built a new Spectra team in Arizona and have been “playing ball” in the construction industry for 20 years.”

A warm thank you to all of our customers, associates, installers, and material suppliers.