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Hospital flooring options

Hospital flooring options: Creating a care setting on a budget From cleanliness and accessibility to heavy wear, wayfinding and promoting a healing environment — hospitals face many daily demands. Your flooring is no exception, and it’s a crucial part of creating a quality care setting. In this article, we show… Read more

Commercial carpet installation costs

Commercial carpet installation costs — and how you can minimize them The majority of commercial carpet installation costs fall under three broad categories: The cost of materials Professional costs of working with a specialty flooring contractor, including labor and guidance selecting flooring solutions Long-term maintenance costs Getting the best value… Read more

6 Traits of a sound commercial flooring contractor

6 Traits of a sound commercial flooring contractor In this article, we examine the key factors you can use to differentiate contractors that can add value to your flooring installation. 1. A good set of ears and greatest-value flooring solutions The first key trait of a quality commercial flooring contractor… Read more

Choosing kitchen flooring materials for safety, durability and performance

Commercial kitchens have unique circumstances that make their floors a challenge. We created this product guide to highlight the three best available flooring material options for commercial kitchens.

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Why you should hire a specialty commercial flooring contractor

A specialty flooring contractor adds value in a variety of ways — from knowledgeable, experienced teams and tested processes to the latest technology, industry partnerships and more. There’s no reason to settle for anything less than professional delivery that provides you the greatest flooring value. Adding value through material expertise… Read more

Reducing flooring installation costs: a guide for owners

Reducing flooring installation costs: A guide for owners One of the most important elements of procuring a floor is often budget — achieving the greatest value for your dollar. We recommend three primary strategies for stretching your flooring dollars: partnering with a flooring specialist who can identify material alternatives, using… Read more