Reducing flooring installation costs: A guide for owners


One of the most important elements of procuring a floor is often budget — achieving the greatest value for your dollar. We recommend three primary strategies for stretching your flooring dollars: partnering with a flooring specialist who can identify material alternatives, using life cycle costing and considering ways to keep your operation running during installation.

How material alternatives can reduce flooring installation cost

Materials make up one of the biggest costs of your floor. Many flooring installations, particularly those that are part of construction projects, begin with specifications from a designer or engineer. Often, a design vision calls for a particular type of flooring and adhesives for that flooring. In many other instances, owners may simply have an aesthetic in mind. But without the consultation of a specialty flooring contractor, finding the right material solution can be a challenge.

Today, you can choose from thousands of flooring options provided by manufacturers throughout the world. In many cases when expensive options are specified, certain types of flooring can be substituted for far less cost. Even if you want rapid installation, sustainable materials or unique flooring elements, some available material can help you maximize your budget. The best way to find the right material is to partner with a specialty flooring contractor that has true material expertise — not to mention relationships with manufacturers that enable discounted pricing.

Life Cycle Costing

Long-term maintenance expenses can actually outweigh your upfront investment in a quality floor. To realize the greatest value, have your specialty flooring contractor provide Life Cycle Costing estimates that account for maintenance. If you have to regularly strip, wax or overhaul your floor, an inexpensive option, such as VCT, could become the most expensive floor you ever purchase.


Reducing flooring installation costs through rapid delivery

If you’re in an active facility, the opportunity costs of shutting down may outweigh your direct flooring costs. That’s why, if possible, you’ll want a specialty flooring contractor to devise an installation plan that keeps you operating without interruption. It will take creative solutions that account for the unique requirements of your environment, but the best contractors come prepared.

No choice affects the success of your project or your flooring installation costs more than the contractor you select. They’ll have innovative solutions, such as Vertical Installation Technology (VIT). This is a tool contractors use to hoist furniture up to the ceiling while a crew installs flooring. Complementing VIT with experienced teams and tailored project management systems, a quality contractor can often phase installations and complete projects without bringing active environments to a halt.

Get the best value from your floor

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How to save money on commercial flooring: value engineering, better materials and smarter solutions

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