Let’s Get Physical: Designing The Ultimate Gym Space in 2019

The new year brings with it a fresh generation of people hungrily looking to stick with their resolutions, as they aim to get fit and healthy in time for their long-awaited summer vacations. So, for gym owners across the country, a lot of pressure lies in creating the ultimate, inviting gym space, ready to accommodate both seasoned gym-goers and those setting summer body goals for the first time.

From appliance updates that will help your gym stand out against the rest to large-scale design ideas for those building their business from the ground up, this post will explore everything you need to know to get your gym resolution-ready.

Building a space for a diversity

When it comes to creating a workout space designed to host a variety of abilities and purposes, it’s important to build a space with the future in mind. By making sure the room (or rooms) you have are as simple and flexible as possible, your members will feel comfortable utilizing the space regardless of what their workout involves.

For the floor your staff and members use daily, picking a resilient flooring option that will ensure your gym’s longevity is crucial when it comes to making the most of your investment. For multi-purpose workout facilities that accommodate dance rooms, yoga sessions and more, options such as luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) provide a cost-effective and easy-to-maintain flooring solution that lasts.

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Creating a secure atmosphere for users

Building an aesthetically pleasing workout space is all well and good, but, without giving your users a sense of security, you risk the efforts you’ve put into your interior design going unnoticed. As soon as your members walk through your doors and into the locker rooms, the responsibility of the security of their personal possessions rests on your shoulders.

While the space they work out in is, ultimately, paramount, the area where they lock away their items and get ready for the workout serves as the first impression new members will get of your business. Arranging sturdy and spacious, moisture-resistant lockers around the outside of your room will emphasize safety without making your room feel cramped and cluttered.

Providing plenty of additional appliances

The key to designing for and maintaining a positive customer experience that will encourage users to make the most out of their membership is surprising them with additional extras that they didn’t expect as part of your service. Once you’re sure you’ve covered the basic necessities, it’s time to consider the extra facilities and appliances that you can realistically offer.

For your shower rooms, providing members with complimentary toiletries, hairdryers and shoe covers to wear around any wet areas will not only ensure your gym’s hygiene remains a top priority, but will also allow users to feel considered and well looked after. Additionally, designing a gym area with full-length mirrors and waterproof charging ports will inspire those looking to fit in a workout before work to do so with no risk to their work schedule or appearance.

Whether you’re thinking of building a gym as your latest business venture in the new year, or planning to update or expand, implementing just a few smart hacks in your gym will make sure 2019 is a prosperous year for you and an invigorating year for your members.

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