Commercial Wool Carpet Pros and Cons

Here at Spectra Contract Flooring, we understand that choosing the right flooring for your facility can be extremely challenging. That is why we want to give you as many options as possible when it comes to getting the most benefit out of your flooring decision. When considering carpet, an all natural flooring solution such as wool can provide your facility with numerous advantages that traditional synthetic carpets cannot. Here, we will dive into commercial wool carpet pros and cons to see if the good truley outweighs the bad.

Commercial Wool Carpet Pros and Cons

Wool Carpet Pros


If properly maintained, wool carpeting can stand up to decades of wear and tear.

Environmentally Friendly

Collected from the coats of sheep, wool is indeed an all natural flooring option. Unlike synthetic carpets, wool’s recyclable and biodegradable properties mean that it will never have to take up space in a landfill.

Cleanability and Stain Resistance

When promptly dealt with, spots caused by spills can be easily removed. The natural coating of wool helps defend staining, as well as preventing dirt and dust particles from attaching onto its fibers.

Color Retention

Along with its natural chemical composition and all white fibers, wool is able to easily accept and retain desired colors.


Naturally hypoallergenic, wool is capable of attracting surrounding allergens from the air and storing them until time for next routine vacuuming.


Unlike synthetic carpets, wool is naturally flame retardant and is capable of self-extinguishing making it an even more attractive option for commercial spaces.


Wool Carpet Cons

Avoid Certain Types of Cleaners

It is best to consult with a specialty flooring contractor to ensure that you do not harm your flooring upon cleaning. Some traditional cleaners and detergents that are high in alkaline can irreversibly damage the carpet.

Wool is Food

For certain insects such as moths and carpet beetles, wool is edible. To prevent this from happening, talk with your flooring contractor about pre-treatment options.

Wool Carpet Cost Discussion

When taking a look at wool carpet vs. synthetic carpet regarding cost, you will most likely find that lower price tags lean toward that of synthetic.  However, it is important that you keep wools value in mind in regards to the return on your investment.  Sure, wool may cost more upfront, but it is also capable of outperforming its competition (if properly maintained), thereby, mitigating any cost differential.

For additional information on commercial wool carpet pros and cons, we’ve published a buyer’s guide that walks you through the basics of your carpet purchase.

In this buyer’s guide, we cover:

  • Benefits and tradeoffs of using carpets vs. other types of flooring
  • Common measures used to assess a carpet’s quality and durability
  • Key elements of selecting carpets for various environments
  • Different types of carpet materials and their advantages and disadvantages
  • A high-level look at costs in carpeting and why Life Cycle Costing helps you achieve the greatest value for your flooring investment

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Selecting carpet for your budget, interior design and facility environment

Selecting a carpet that matches your design vision, stands up to your facility environment and aligns with your budget is no small task. We’ve created this guide as a resource to help you make an informed carpet purchasing decision.