Case Study

Oviedo Medical Center


The Oviedo Medical Center is a full-service hospital serving Seminole County in Oviedo, Florida. The 64-bed hospital is equipped to provide general medicine, obstetrics, general surgery, pulmonary critical care—and everything in between—to its patients. It is also able to provide 24/7 crisis care through its 22-bed emergency department.

The $109-million-dollar project called for a healthcare flooring contractor who could work closely with the designers, architects, GC and other subcontractors to create a state-of-the-art facility to serve the population of Oviedo. Spectra was able to successfully navigate scheduling hurdles and material selection errors to deliver the project quickly and within budget.

The demands of the project

The scope of the 161,000-square-foot Design-Build project required Spectra to work in tandem with the GC, architects as well as the other subcontractors. This required constant communication between the teams, as well as expert coordination of schedules.

The principal demands of the project were working around schedule challenges and conflicts as they came up, and reviewing all pre-specified flooring materials to ensure they fit their function.

  • Navigating scheduling conflicts

    Due to scheduling delays, the facade of the building was not fully installed by the time the Spectra team was slated to install the flooring. Because of this, excess moisture was present and a moisture mitigation team was called in to prepare the building for flooring installation. Spectra needed to find a way to work around the moisture mitigation team, ensure all flooring was installed with proper moisture levels per manufacturer warranties and figure out a way to keep the project from being delayed further.

  • Ensuring all flooring materials were a good fit for their function

    As with most new construction projects, the flooring products were pre-selected by the designer and architect. Because material selection is crucial to the success of hospital flooring systems, the Spectra team reviewed the specifications to ensure each material would fit its purpose. As they did this, they noticed the material chosen for the elevator—a soft vinyl product—would likely fail. The team needed to find an alternative material to recommend that wouldn’t crack, break or gap over time due to the constant motion in elevators.

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Our hospital flooring solutions and results

Spectra teamed up with the contractor, architect and other subcontractors to overcome these scheduling and installation challenges and, in the end, deliver a state-of-the-art healthcare flooring system.

  • Working overnight to meet scheduling demands

    Spectra coordinated schedules with the moisture mitigation team, installing floors after hours to ensure the projected flooring timeline was met. Once a section of the building was prepared by the moisture mitigation team, the Spectra team would stage the necessary materials and work late into the night so it was ready by the next morning when the other subcontractors would show up.

  • Offering recommendations for better elevator flooring

    The Spectra team knew the soft vinyl pre-selected for the facility’s elevators would break and gap over time due to the constant motion. They met with the architect, designers, and contractor and made a recommendation for a more rigid product that could withstand constant motion without cracking.

Despite difficult scheduling and installation hurdles, Spectra was able to deliver the 161,000-square-foot facility quickly and within the budget allowed. Even after the installation was finished, Spectra educated the Oviedo Medical Center staff about how to properly maintain their healthcare flooring system so it will last long into the future.

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