Case Study

Los Angeles Flooring Project: Aliso Apartments

Located in the heart of downtown LA, The Aliso Apartments is, “the perfect perfect microcosm of the city, encapsulating all the characteristics and qualities you love about Los Angeles and the Arts District.” Both luxurious and spacious, Aliso was designed to give dream home feels to apartment-esque type living.

The Demands of the Project: Matching Design With Performance

As the primary flooring provider for the $1.4 million project, our team was brought in, in February of 2018 to install much of the flooring throughout the facility, as well as countertops — over 248,000-square-feet in total. Products consisted of LVT from Parterre and Tuff Plank, residential carpet from Mohawk, polished concrete, custom stained wood flooring, custom stained wood stair treads, Bolon By You carpet tile, and custom stone and quartz countertops.

Project demands included overall manpower requirements to meet schedules, coordination of four color schemes, and dealing with multiple finishes in many of the same areas.

Flooring Project

 Photo credit: Aliso Apartments

Our Flooring Solutions

Utilizing specialized installation teams accompanied by account managers with a deep understanding of floor finishes was vital in providing the expertise needed to accomplish a project of this magnitude. An abundance of coordination was required up front to work with other trades and GC for the installation sequence. Asking for schedules months in advance to help the GC with the planning process was also key in keeping the project on time and on schedule. 

Implementing strategic value engineering exercises was also key to keeping the project within budget and ensuring the best return on the facility’s flooring budget.

Value engineering is the coordinated and purposeful method of identifying the best-value solutions to fit your budget, design and facility environment. This method is applicable to all aspects of a construction project. Essentially, it is relying on expert knowledge of materials and matching them up with a set of criteria to determine the maximum benefit in balance between cost, aesthetics, function, and durability.

Much of that is determined through life-cycle cost analysis – the practice of examining the cost of material over its usable life as opposed to solely the upfront cost. Life cycle costing calculates the approximate dollar amount for the purchase of material, installation, cleaning, maintenance, repair, removal, disposal, and replacement. The formula is then divided by the number of months or years the material is expected to last. In many cases, the selection of materials is often constricted by strict budget requirements. Because of these strict budget requirements, plenty of research and relying on experts will go a long way into finding that ideal balance.

For more on the luxurious Aliso Apartments, visit their website here.

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